Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Powered by AI

Revenue Cycle Solutions Powered by AI

Capture more revenue through deep machine learning technology and proven reimbursement expertise.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Underpayment Recovery Solutions

TMD combines clinical documentation expertise with advanced machine learning to uncover missed medical coding and documentation opportunities, yielding accelerated and significant returns.

Fee-For-Service (FFS)

Claims-based intel and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) proficiency helps to recoup previously unattainable revenue.

HCC Risk-Adjustment

Value-based intel and HCC expertise drives complete HCC capture and re-capture for optimal RAF scores

Recovery & Prevention

Denial reasoning intel and appeals expertise boost revenue capture, speed reconciliations, and reduce long-term denials.

Strategic & Transparent

Charge-level intel and CDM expertise reconciles charges quickly to ensure complete & accurate billing for maximized reimbursement.

Rural Hospital Excellence
(RHEX) Network

An exclusive network of rural healthcare leaders sharing data and insights to optimize financial, clinical, and operational decision-making.

Client Impact

Several real-life client success stories of many more.

The TMD Guarantee

It's simple. We assure a 3X ROI or more across all our services, or you don’t pay.

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations

Why Choose TogetherMD?

We invest in powerful AI/ machine learning tools and top notch clinical integrity and coding professionals to deliver unmatched results for our clients.

And TogetherMD is backed by an A-List Team of Investors

Our investors have decades of experience building such amazing companies including The Studer Group, HealthGrades, HealthAware, and LBA Healthcare Management.


Robust Revenue Cycle Solutions for Providers and Payers Powered by AI

TogetherMD provides top-tier revenue cycle solutions, addressing reimbursement underpayments in fee-for-service, risk-based, and denied claims.