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Birthing Crisis: Navigating the Maternity Care Challenges in Rural America

Rural hospitals across the U.S. are confronting a pressing maternity care crisis, with only 45% currently equipped to provide delivery services. In the past decade, the closure of over 200 rural hospitals offering delivery services has significantly impacted maternal health, representing almost 10% of all U.S. births, according to the American Hospital Association. This

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Becker’s: Southern Rural Hospitals Lead in Adopting REH Designation

According to Becker's: As of October 23, only 15 hospitals in the US have adopted the new rural emergency hospital (REH) designation, with 10 of them situated in Republican-leaning states that rejected Medicaid expansion. This choice stems from the REH's requirement to relinquish inpatient services in exchange for increased government reimbursements. Some hospitals remain

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