The Rural Hospital Excellence (RHEX) Network

Join a network of Rural Leaders Committed to faster, better decision-making through data sharing

The Rural Hospital Excellence (RHEX) Network thrives on the capabilities of Healthcare Datasource™ (HDS) by TMD, uniting both acute care and critical access hospitals with the power of real-time data analytics. This data identifies top-performing centers within the network, facilitating the exchange of insights and overall performance improvement.


Based on a survey of 100 hospital CFOs by Becker's, it was found that 75% of the respondents lack access to real-time data analytics, impacting their ability to make informed decisions in clinical, operational, and financial aspects.

Average Member Impact:


The Rural Hospital Excellence (RHEX) Network is made up of independent rural hospital administrators and physicians who are dedicated to the sharing of patient-level data. This collaboration enables them to gain real-time insights into clinical, operational, and financial aspects, facilitating more informed decision-making.

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Our Benefits


We Strive to be an extension of your team.

Ask most of our clients, and they will tell you, TMD is such a joy to work with that “they are an extension of our team.”


High-performing rural hospitals share successes throughout the network

Learn the Member Process

Shared data analytics identify high performers, who are then briefly interviewed via phone or web to contribute to more detailed current-state models.

Build the Case Study

TMD advisors internally craft the case study, encompassing the problem statement and ensuing opportunities.

Align with High Performing Members

Artifacts including process maps and PowerPoint decks are shared with members for alignment and approval.

Share Case Study Results

Top performers share case study with the membership to foster continuous learning and improvement.