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We Have a CDI Technology Solution That’s Right for You.

Hospitals, physician practices, and ambulatory clinics contract with TogetherMD to get significant returns. As most of our solutions are priced on a contingency basis: if we don’t produce, you don’t pay us. Guaranteed!

Integrity PLUS™

AI/(ML) machine learning technologies PLUS a team of CDI experts to identify incomplete or inaccurate records and then guide revenue recovery every step of the way.

Integrity SAAS™

AI/(ML) machine learning technologies are delivered on a SAAS platform with the same CDI coding experts on PLUS available to support the process via email or phone.

Healthcare Datasource™

Healthcare Datasource™ is a powerful analytics platform that offers 360 degree insights across the care continuum so clinicians and administrators can continuously improve financial and clinical performance levels.

A Complete Reimbursement Recovery Solution Powered By AI

Whether it’s increased revenues, higher quality scores, or improved productivity, choose a solution that best fits your needs.