With PLUS, TogetherMD CDI Experts guide the process every step of the way.

Our Integrity PLUS™ solution incorporates advanced AI/(ML) machine learning technology with a team of experts, ensuring total revenue recovery and optimized quality scores for your physicians and organization.

That’s the PLUS advantage.

And we customize the process below based on whether it’s traditional fee-for-service or value-based, capitated claims.

How it works

Our simple onboarding process gets providers to implementation in days or weeks. Once onboarded, the program works like clockwork.

PLUS, our clockwork-like CDI recovery process delivers significant advantages to our provider clients.

PLUS +, Expect Additional high-Value Impact Beyond the Dollars

Sure, the revenue recovery is good for your bottom-line. However, we help optimize other care metrics, which contributes to added revenue capture and improved quality of care.

A Complete Reimbursement Recovery Solution Powered By AI

Whether it’s increased revenues, higher quality scores, or improved productivity, choose a solution that best fits your needs.