Our Real-Time Decision Support Platform

Healthcare Datasource™ (HDS) is an enterprise-level healthcare analytics and decision support platform, providing comprehensive, real-time patient journey insights to empower providers in making informed care decisions.

Real-Time Patient-level Insights

Get real-time insights into clinical and financial performance as benchmarked against like facilities and providers to make more informed decisions.

Strong Clinical & Financial Impact

By combining our machine learning algorithms with automated alerts and industry-leading benchmarks, we can detect revenue, cost, and quality opportunities sooner, ultimately resulting in substantial ROI.

More Efficient Staff

Healthcare Datasource™ (HDS) keeps a continuous watch on clinical and financial opportunities, notifying your staff only when issues rise to the forefront. This approach enables your team to work more effectively at their credential level.

Powers Our Rural Healthcare Network (RHEX)

Healthcare Datasource™ (HDS) fuels TMD's unique Rural Hospital Excellence (RHEX) Network, comprising acute care and critical access hospitals, all powered by real-time data analytics. This data pinpoints top-performing centers that share insights, enhancing performance across the entire network.

Why Work With Us?

It’s simple. Our clients see TMD as an extension of their HIM team, and this connection drives impressive outcomes.

“The TogetherMD team is a pleasure to work with. Their CDIs seamlessly collaborate with our coders, HIM managers, and medical director, almost like they’re part of the UMiami team but with a TMD business card.”

Kym Manni

University of Miami Health, CEO