Fee-For-Service (FFS) Underpayment Recovery Solution

AI prioritizes high value Underpaid FFS claims, which are then reviewed by Experts, Driving Significant ROI

Our CDI solutions incorporate advanced AI/(ML) machine learning technology with a team of experts, ensuring optimal revenue recovery and quality scores for your organization and physicians.

Choose between concurrent pre-billing or retrospective auditing reviews.

Lastly, all of our solutions come with the TogetherMD guarantee. If we do not deliver the results promised, then you pay nothing!

Impacted Claims:

  • Facility inpatient & outpatient

  • Pro-fee


According to the American Medical Association (AMA), approximately 12% of medical claims contain inaccurate codes, leading to lost revenues, claim denials, and payment delays. This can impose substantial financial challenges and administrative burdens on healthcare providers.

Average Client Impact:


TogetherMD employs deep learning AI algorithms to prioritize high-value claims, which are subsequently reviewed by our experts for underpayment, ultimately delivering sizeable returns for healthcare providers. And if we don't succeed, then you don't pay. That's the TogetherMD Guarantee!

$4,900 per DRG & $270 per APC change

Our Core Benefits


We Strive to be an extension of your team.

Ask most of our clients, and they will tell you, TMD is such a joy to work with that “they are an extension of our team.”