08 – On average, ow long does it take to onboard a client?

The prerequisites vary based on the TMD service you choose. For inpatient clinical integrity services, only three data fields are needed, along with EMR access post-BAA execution. This enables TMD to begin producing returns within days. For other service inquiries, please call us at (888) 774-6779 for assistance.

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07 – What is the impact to A/R days outstanding?

Our service level agreement ensures that TMD will process a claim within a maximum timeframe of 72 hours. In practice, the vast majority of claims are typically released within 24 hours, and approximately 80% of claims are expedited immediately with the assistance of machine learning.

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01 – In the event that our hospital acts upon a claim recommendation provided by TMD and subsequently experiences a denial of the claim by our payer, what is the procedure or recourse?

Although occurrences of this nature are infrequent, claim denials are an inherent aspect of the process. In the event that a payer rejects a coding or query modification recommended by TMD, our commitment is to initiate an appeal on behalf of the client. In the event that this appeal, regrettably, proves unsuccessful, TMD will promptly

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06 – Which categories of hospitals and personnel utilize Healthcare Datasource™?

Typically, Healthcare Datasource™ by TMD is utilized by service line administrators and their associated physician leaders along with revenue cycle management leaders. Our clientele includes hospitals of various profiles, but there is a notable emphasis on rural hospitals. This is because Healthcare Datasource™ is a service available to all members of the Rural Hospital Excellence

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05 – Could you outline the procedure for obtaining access to Healthcare Datasource™ and participating in collaborative initiatives with other leading institutions to improve clinical, operational, and financial performance?

Every hospital that receives an invitation to join our Rural Hospital Excellence (RHEX) Network is granted complimentary access to Healthcare Datasource. This service is an integral part of our collaborative network. If your hospital is not currently a member of the RHEX Network, we cordially invite you to reach out to us at (888) 774-6779

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02 – Can you provide an estimate regarding the anticipated return on investment?

The financial outcomes can vary significantly based on the chosen service and the bed capacity, as well as the patient volume of the providers we serve. However, a standard hospital can anticipate returns ranging from six to seven digits. For a personalized opportunity analysis utilizing CMS data, please do not hesitate to get in touch

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