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Develop a Business Development Team of Trusted Advisors, NOT Sales Reps 

We work with device manufacturers and pharmaceuticals companies who wish to engage their provider clients at a partnership level.

Most providers consider large, expensive device & pharma vendors as a major supply chain expense. Thus, when it’s time to renew the contract, providers are quick to reconcile their budgets at your expense.

Partner with TogetherMD and arm your salesforce with analytics that can help providers, building lasting and trusted partnerships.

How It Works

TogetherMD captures hospital performance data regarding coding & documentation, utilization, and quality outcomes. We then benchmark each facility at the patient, provider, and organization level. Device and pharma teams are then equipped with the knowledge to help providers get better. They also serve as sponsors of Healthcare Datasource™ roundtable forums which help the entire membership network get better.

Trusted by leading healthcare organizations