AI prioritizes high value denials, which are then appealed by Industry Experts, Driving Significant ROI

Utilizing an AI-based approach, we employ machine learning models to optimize the denials management process by identifying claims with a high probability of successful payment and the greatest potential value. Then, a team of experts evaluates these claims and prepares top flight payer responses, resulting in more resolutions for our clients.

Impacted Claims:

  • Facility inpatient & outpatient

  • Pro-fee


On average, about 24% of claims face denial during the evaluation and payment process–and this number is rising. This places a considerable financial strain on healthcare providers and can be a source of concern for patients who must cover out-of-pocket expenses. With highly manual denials management processes, most organization do not have enough time to make the proper selection of claims for rework.

Average Client Impact:


Employing AI/machine learning, our exclusive algorithms comprehensively examine your claims and remittance data to pinpoint the underlying reasons for your denials. The fusion of advanced analytics and our industry-expert team enables us to offer solutions that reduce denials by up to $42%.

Denial rate reduction of between 15 – 42%

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