Corporate FAQs

Corporate FAQs2022-09-29T07:08:57-06:00

Frequently asked questions

Common Questions Asked By Our Clients

TogetherMD embarked on a mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry using data analytics and AI/(ML) machine-learning. We have achieved many milestones to date, but we’re far from done.

We look forward to our next decade of achievements.

01 – On average, how long does it take to onboard clients?2022-09-13T21:37:17-06:00

IT resources are the limiting factor. Once an IT person is assigned, onboarding can be completed in less than two (2) weeks.

02 – On average, how much IT staff time can be expected for data connectivity/data onboarding?2022-09-13T21:38:28-06:00

Our low-code, cloud-based data interoperability model is very technology friendly. The average IT staff person can write code to connect to our servers within 4 – 8 total hours.

03 – On average, how much HIM/coding staff time can be expected, week in and week out, during programmatic implementation?2022-09-13T21:28:10-06:00

Our AI “PLUS” our consulting services provide a major productivity resource for our clients. As such, the typical 250-bed hospital can expect to spend about 2 ½ hours per week of staff time. Obviously, adjust this time-frame up or down depending on the size of your hospital.

04 – What is the impact to account receivable (A/R) days outstanding?2022-09-13T21:31:27-06:00

Our AI technology ensures A/R days outstanding has a negligible impact. First, all pre-bill records that have a low probability of incompleteness or inaccuracies are released back to clients almost instantaneously. And second, the handful of records that require auditing have a service level release guarantee of 48 hours maximum; and usually, they are released within 24 hours.

05 – Who has final approval as it relates to TMD advisory CDI recommendations?2022-09-13T21:32:29-06:00

While our CDI experts provide detailed documentation supporting our recommendations, it is always our clients who have ultimate approval. No questions asked!

06 – Can you provide an estimate of how much we can expect to receive as a return on investment?2022-09-13T21:33:12-06:00

This is totally dependent on the bed- and volume-size of the providers we service. However, the typical hospital can expect six- to seven-digit returns. For other provider types, we like to analyze your specific situation prior to making guarantees.

07 – How do you price each solution?2022-09-13T21:33:47-06:00

Most of our solutions, with the exception of our SAAS-based solution, are delivered on a contingency basis. Meaning: if we don’t produce results, then we are paid nothing.

08 – What does the TogetherMD guarantee mean as a client?2022-09-13T21:34:18-06:00

The TogetherMD guarantee is based on our contingency payment model. Meaning: if we don’t produce results, you don’t pay us anything. Guaranteed!

09 – How can we get access to Healthcare Datasource™ and collaborate with other top centers to improve clinical and financial performance??2023-06-28T15:37:15-06:00

All hospital providers can access our industry leading analytics platform to power clinical and financial improvements. We work with providers that have less than 200 beds and others that exceed 800. There is no cost to access the data; we only ask that you actively participate in our clinical excellence forums.

10 – What types of hospitals and personnel leverage Healthcare Datasource™ in clinical excellence forums??2023-06-28T15:36:04-06:00

Typically, service line administrators and their respective physician leaders leverage Healthcare Datasource™ by TogetherMD. We also work with all shapes and sizes of hospitals, from large tertiary urban centers to smaller rural hospitals.

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